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WolfWare - The Wolf Pack

Is there a Wolf in you? Do you want to help solving problems? Do you feel like being generous? Become one of the pack!

Besides telling bloody stories and using twisted metaphors extended to a meaning you would not have thought impossible. The WolfWare site is also hosting a forum [well - no longer!], where people who understand the concept of WolfWare (consumers, customer, consultants …the lot!) are welcome to join and help each others.

The vision about the forum is that it will become a natural place for some people to reveal their Bonnie Situations and for others to be generous and help solving them. Who knows? The next day you’ll be the one with the Bonnie Situation and another one will be generous to you!

“Hmmm!!! That ‘pack’ must have a certain size before the concept of WolfWare really works in a forum like this” you might think. True enough!

The way we’re supposed to grow is through that network-thing which WolfWare is also about. So one day when you come to the forum and read about one’s Bonnie Situation - you might not be the right Wolf for this particular one but the point is that you know somebody who is!

Well drag him in too! Don’t come alone, take your own pack with you! Eventually: It will work!!

To become one of the pack, simply join the forum. To Join the forum simply send a mail to Mr. Wolf!


The references to the WolfWare Forum are removed from the original, as the WolfWare forum is no longer online. But Josra - the Joint Open Source Roadmap Alliance is really a successful implementation of the same idea. And remember, that Praqma is all about WolfWare and regardless if you are a potential employee, a customer or a partner, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us.