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Wolfware - Welcome

Here at the WolfWare site you’ll find a retelling of the bloody but in the end edifying tale about “The Bonnie Situation”, which is used as a metaphor for what consultancy is all about - solving problems.

Jimmi, Jules, Vincent and Mr. Wolf

You’ll be introduced to Mr. Wolf (or just ‘Winston’ for those who are on first name with the gentleman) and you will learn why Mr. Wolf is considered a healthy role model for any consultant.

When you’ve been introduced to The Bonnie Situation and Mr. Wolf, then you’ll be guided into the understanding of the concept of WolfWare.

At WolfWare we have introduced a forum [no longer online] which we hope can be to some assistance when it comes to gathering all the lone wolves into a pack of wolves.

Maybe you have an inner problem solving Wolf yourself? If so then you should seriously consider joining the WolfWare Forum and contribute to the general “Problem Solving” with whatever you’ve got.

Once again: Welcome!

Now hurry on to read the story of “The Bonnie Situation”.


The reference on this page to the WolfWare Forum is no longer valid, but We do have a pack of Mr. Wolves and you’re invited to join.