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The concept of wolfware - The Revelation

The time has come to the revelation of the term “WolfWare”. What does it mean and what’s in it for you?

WolfWare implies that the customer is quite competent and ambitious himself. The customer wouldn’t normally go and hire a Wolf unless the problem is of such a nature that an on-site expert is really needed.

WolfWare means that the consultants are in the Winston Wolf League. They are skilled far above average, and they have that I solve problems attitude. They will pull the necessary stings in their personal network to solve the problem. The may not have tried every possible Bonnie Situation that there is. But they have solved so many different Bonnie Situations that you can tell without doubt that - problem solving is their business.

WolfWare means that the flip-side of the Wolf metaphor has been mitigated actively. The consultants are not lone predators. Surely they are all capable of working alone, but they are now gathered in a pack where they exploit each others strengths - to a sum that reveals no weaknesses.

WolfWare is about being generous. It’s means taking the time and energy to praise another man’s gourmet coffee, even if you are really there to clean up another man’s brain. Giving your best even when it’s more than what was expected. under-commit and over-deliver.

WolfWare is that I solve Problems attitude. It’s an avalanche of not-afraid - and at the same time never throwing dice with death. Failure is not an option. The problem will get be solved - one way or another.