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WolfWare - 2016 Republish Preface

WolfWare and the bloody but, yet edifying, tale about The Bonnie Situation and why Mr. Wolf surely must be a role model for every consultant is now republished after 7 years off line.

The concept of WolfWare is one I came up with back in 2005. At that time I was working as a self-employed consultant, and I had more work requests than I could handle myself. I felt that it was time to organize and consolidate into a company and WolfWare was my first shot at it. It was meant to be a collaboration of really skilled people. So good that people would take pleasure in seeing them work.

Part of the WolfWare concept was a retelling of the bloody but edifying tale of The Bonnie Situation, one of the side-stories in Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction, and an interpretation of the story that reveals why Mr. Wolf is a role model for al consultants.

Recently I found the story from way back then at the WayBackMachine and I’m republishing it here at these pages because it’s still highly relevant - and edifying.

The original story has several parts:

The Introduction The retelling of The Bonnie Situation The interpretation The revelation of the WolfWare concept An invitation to join The Pack of Mr. Wolves

Looking back at what actually happened

Today when I write this, just a few days before the New Year 2016. Praqma, of which I’m one of the original founders, is a reality. We started in 2007 and 6-7 years later we made it through the financial crises, it looked like we we’re going to make it after a relative slow start.

Up until the beginning of 2015; honestly we we struggling to kick-start or start-up. But then came 2015.

In less than 12 months we have grown from 8 to 21 people, we have grown out of our old PraqmaPlex office and we now have 5 offices in total, including one in each of the three Scandinavian capitals.

I’m happy and proud to say that in reality WolfWare manifested itself in the sum of all that we’ve done: Praqma, the CoDe conferences, Continuous Delivery Alliance.

Today we call the Wolves CoDe’ers (Continuous Delivereres) but it’s basically the same thing, and we’re still hiring and we’re still expanding into new countries and even new businesses.